SnupNow: Persistence Matters or Two Times Two is Four

This is a new blog. I wrote a blog in 2006 (see Is Codd Dead?) where the entries were articles rather than blurbs. This blog will be different, more blog-like, perhaps.

The purpose of this blog is to document aspects of the SnupNow project. Over time I will clue you in to more of the project, starting today with just enough information to launch this blog with a simple explanation of its name.

SnupNow: This is the name of a project to develop a specific web-based software application, aka a web site. The software goes by the same name as the project. 

Persistence: That’s me–persistent. I intend for this software to be helpful to others and self-sustaining in the future, eventually generating at least enough income to cover its costs. I know that will take a lot of work, and I intend to be persistent to that end.

If you know me or have read my earlier blog, you likely know I have worked with databases. Although it irks some oldsters, using software to store data to secondary storage devices is also known as “persistence.” In the title of this blog, “persistence” has this double meaning.

Matters: Of course it does. We will be persistent with this project, and we are writing a software application that persists data. Both matter.

I just switched from “I” to “we.” I am not working alone, but I am speaking for myself and sometimes on behalf of others too.

Some of you already took note that “matters” also has a double meaning here. “Persistence Matters” could be parallel to “Simple Matters”, for example. So, there you have it, the name of this blog has two words with double meanings, which, by my calculations, gives it four meanings. This should be a broad enough title for me to write whatever strikes my fancy regarding the SnupNow project at any given point.

I plan to write between 1 and 10 blog entries per week for the first three months. I will then evaluate whether to continue for the next three, and so on. I will not do research for the purpose of writing blog entries, will not have others proofread the entries, and will undoubtedly have typos and other mistakes. I will write and post quickly. 

SnupNow, the software project and the software, is my focus. I am writing this blog to help the project by communicating to constituents, by reflecting on the project as we go, and possibly even by getting some good advice from readers, few as they might be for starters. 

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.


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