It’s Still Online & Batch to Me

“It’s the next phase, new wave , dance craze, anyways
It’s still rock and roll to me
Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the new sound 
Funny, but it’s still rock and roll to me”

Billy Joel, It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me 

I have been working on writing web pages, using the Cache’ Zen framework. I will continue doing this, but now that I have moved from almost complete cluelessness regarding the toolset to novice status, I’m about to put myself into another situation where I need to learn a lot to accomplish something. John, Bobby, and I are starting to look into doing the e-commerce portion of our application using Amazon Web Services.

So I’m moving from AJAX to SOAP, from CSS to WSDL. It is like moving from a focus on online CICS COBOL to batch and JCL, from green screen to greenbar. Sure, a lot has changed in software development over the past decades, but much of what we are doing is still basic data processing, even with new-fangled tools and acronyms. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least.

You might say it’s the next phase, new wave, mashup craze, anyways
It’s still online and batch to me.


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