AWS: A Lady from the Amazon

With the new year, and after a rather time-sucking database update over the holidays, people are getting back to work on SnupNow. Tom, John, and I all worked some this weekend. Tom is working on one Zen (aka AJAX) page and making progress today. Ken is going to start working on another this afternoon. I’m going to work on another tomorrow, but today I’m trying to figure out where to start with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for e-commerce in preparation for a phone call tonight with John and Bobby.

It appears that we will need to use the full-blown, bigger than a breadbox, Amazon FPS web services unless the Amazon Simple Pay Marketplace would work for us. I read a bit this morning and still don’t know whether the latter would serve our purposes. Because FPS looks sooooo big and complex, which is also the word on the street regarding it, and we are using a programming language for which there are no examples, I don’t want to discount Simple Pay Marketplace if there would be a way for us to integrate that in instead.

I filled out the forms for both Simple Pay Marketplace and FPS for “Contact Us” and received a pdf of a ppt (it seems) in response. I guess I’ll read through that next since after I do so I am free to send questions or call the person who sent the information. I suspect that will be required to get to the top of this (we are nowhere near the bottom).

I was reaching information overload from my earlier reading today, so I thought before I read through this pdf and formed my questions, I would write to unload my brain a little. In addition, it cannot possibly be helping my productivity that while reading this Amazon material, the same limerick from my childhood is playing in my head as plays there when I order books online.

Oddly, I think, I do not find this limerick  online, so I’ll have to pass it along from memory. It is likely politically incorrect, in addition to not being high art, but it is nice to know what rhymes with Amazon, right? Ah, yes, when I remove the “lady” in my search, I do find one instance of this limerick, but still do not find an author listed. I am passing this on to readers here before I continue in my Amazon adventure in an effort to purge it from my brain. I trust it will not overly pollute yours.

A lady from the Amazon
Had nighties of her grandma’s on
  the reason that
  she was too fat
To have her own pajamas on

A follow-up, after the original posting: I called. The person knew Simple Pay Marketplace, but did not know the FPS acronym. He thought Simple Pay would work. So, I’ll follow down that route for a bit and see what I find.


One response to “AWS: A Lady from the Amazon

  1. I find that I ‘hear’ songs that i sung as a child when I am REALLY tired, and usually while I am showering in the morn. This morning it was ‘Tuesday string beans, Wednesday Soup’…
    and so on, first heard by me on Captain Kangaroo, who isnt singing anything audible to the average person now.

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