Monthly Archives: May 2009

One Step and then the Next

Cady took her first steps this week. I can’t wait to see her again and wish my grandbaby did not live so far away.

I’ve been taking a few steps lately too. Perhaps my writing muse was having a hard time keeping up and left me for a few too many days in a row. I’m not sure I have it back yet, so, I’ll catch you up on just a few details, nothing technical.

No sooner did I mention in a blog entry that I might be open for a gig than I got back to back calls. It has been about three years since I have taken on any new clients, so the calls had dried up. Perhaps the notice on my website that I was not doing any consulting helped with that too. After I wrote here that maybe I should take a call or two, I got them. I wasn’t even practicing The Secret on this one, so go figure. 

I took a gig about a month ago, which will help pay for a few hours this summer from two students, both of whom have other jobs. I was hoping to get a full-time student developer, but it didn’t pan out that way. I probably didn’t pick the right picture for my Dream Board (maybe I should start one of those).

An idea! Since I’m not one with twitter (ohm), what if I put a bunch of tweets together into a single article so that people are not interrupted by bits of information they could care less about, such as:

We are down to four. It wasn’t fitting well into Bobby’s life so he decided to bench himself before getting comfortable with the toolset.

Josh, a student, and Tony, a recent grad, will each work a few hours a week this summer.

[What’s with full sentences consistently, she asks herself. Get with the program.]

Still working to catch a stride, but making progress, putting one foot in front of the other, need to run without noticing the steps

Youngsters can be fearless, so I’m assigning them some things I don’t yet know how to do so they can teach me

Speaking of teaching, while being 100% dedicated to SnupNow, after a tough decision, I agreed to teach 2 courses next school year

I am trying not to worry about all the work right now and to figure out how not to worry about it at all, just do it

Teaching half-time is perhaps the hardest way to get a tiny amount of funding, but they came to me and said they needed me, I caved

I justified it to myself as something good for this project. I’m optimistic that it will work out well for SnupNow, but concerned too.

Only Tuesday and Thursday classes and I plan to keep all prep and grading to those days too

If you have ever taught, you likely know how hard that will be to pull off.

Lots to do on SnupNow this summer, and that is my focus right now.

Everyone likes this time in the school year best — when school’s out for the summer.

Hubby will be teaching in Zambia, gone for 7 weeks this summer. I will miss him. Hopefully I’ll get a lot done.

So, what do you think? Will this approach of putting all your tweets together rather than changing your facebook status or tweeting all the time catch on? I wonder what twitter’s retention rate is. I will avoid the temptation to google for that or write the question in an evernote. This is the concluding sentence where I tie it all together and go on to the next item on my list, getting things done one step at a time.