Hey, Here’s an Energy-sucking Feature

I use this software, also known as a web site, named WordPress. You knew that, right? It was working well for me and it didn’t take much to set it up, so I set up a blog for my husband at wordpress.com too (http://twolthuis.wordpress.com). That’s when it stopped working for me. I know, I know, it still works the same and it should be easy for me to adjust, but…

Since my husband writes with even more typos than I do, I am his first line of editing after he makes a post (why edit before posting, eh?). He posts almost daily. I don’t do a great job, but I try to get in there and make a few fixes each day. I log in as him to do that. Then if I go to any other wordpress.com site, such as THIS ONE, and I try to be the administrator so I can write a new post, it signs me into my husband’s blog. I’ve written and deleted a few posts there. Argh.

This one tiny, little adjustment where I have to notice which blog I’m in as the administrator, then log out if it is the wrong one, then switch again to the other one that same day, is enough to discourage me from writing posts.

Now doesn’t that seem a tad bit unaccommodating of me, the end-user of this site? Doesn’t it seem like I should be able to adjust and just log out and log back in repeatedly each day? Yeah, it does. It seems like I should, but that little act of logging in and out just sucks my energy. I don’t wanna do it, so I don’t.

I’m wondering now which features we have in SnupNow that might suck energy from our users. Oh, that’s right, we have no users. Heavy sigh. Time for me to get an energy boost, I guess. Maybe meeting a friend at the closest Mexican restaurant in a few minutes will do that for me.

I wonder if there is an antidote we can put into software to offset any energy-sucking features? How can we keep from having energy-sucking features? What would an energy-giving feature look like? My current bedtime reading is the book

Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success

There are some tips in here that just might help answer this question. For example, there are words that boost people, such as “Hey”.

5 responses to “Hey, Here’s an Energy-sucking Feature

  1. I actually end up using a separate browser these instances.

    You could even use something like a site-specific browser. I used Fluid SSB’s on my Mac. Looks like Bubbles might have something similar for Windows.


    • Yes, that’s a good idea, David, and considered writing something about that but decided it would make me sound lazier than I already seem.

      I have IE 8 running one app, FF 3.5 as my default and for testing s/w, and Chrome open for gmail and misc browsing, but Opera and Safari are just sitting here begging to be open too, so I might go that route.

      BTW — Isn’t it just like a man to solve my problem instead of just empathizing (like we want Sodomeyer to do, right?). smiles. –dawn

      • I dunno—I can’t always tell the difference between “lazy” and “efficient.” ☺

        It seems that WordPress gobbled part of my post, though. I meant to include a link to the Bubbles software: http://bubbleshq.com/ . There. See if that works.

        And, yes, I guess it shows that I tend to be in the problem-solving business. ☺

  2. Chuck Stevenson

    There are now Mexican Restaurants in Iowa?
    My! Scratch that. Hey! Things have changed since I left 35 years ago.

    Back then, the only ethnic food (I mean other than native ethnic Iowan beef, potatos, gravy, & Dutch apple pie) in Le Mars was a Pizza Hut. I took a girl there once. Can’t remember her name. But I was undoubtedly forgettable for her, too.

    The 1st time I had Mexican was at my future in-laws’ house on the West coast a couple years later. I put ketchup on my taco.

    • Oh, Chuck, you have been away too long. While it is still somewhere well over 50% Dutch-American in this city (unlike Le Mars), the population is now somewhere around 15% Mexican, I’m guessing. We have a Dutch bakery, but a couple of Mexican restaurants, in addition to Pizza Ranch (Dutch pizza), of course.

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